Intrapraneurial Services

Intrapraneurialism (n): A code of behavior within an organization whereby individual employees are given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc., without following business-as-usual protocols or conventional wisdom.

What does this mean for you? An entirely new way of using your existing talent and resources to achieve outstanding sales results while retaining your key performers for lasting success. Fabrizio Balestri provides proven, high-value expertise for growth-focused companies or companies looking to undergo significant change. As a passionate, committed part of your executive team, Fabrizio offers the following services:

  • High-Energy Interim Executive Leadership
  • Rapid Sales Team Transformation
  • Organizational Realignment and Focused, Effective Business Plan Execution
  • Comprehensive Operations Oversight and New Product Innovation/Marketing
  • Special Expertise in Financial Services, Wall Street Consultation, and Start-ups

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Creative and Passionate
“Breeze embodies the qualities of some of the best entrepreneurs in business—both creative and passionate about his work, he helps inspire others to a high level of passion as well…” More

Straight Shooter
“With Fabrizio’s assistance, we were able to hone our company message to appeal to investors and business partners alike, communicating both our vision and our tremendous potential for success…” More

Competitive Nature
“Fabrizio’s focus is on organizational success, and he takes the time to mentor, coach and assist his colleagues as they work toward common goals and objectives…” More

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case studies

Union Benefit Life


In the early 1990s, Union Benefit Life, a newcomer in the student lending industry, began utilizing an outreach technique that had never been used before in the student finance arena: direct-to-consumer marketing. Unfortunately, while this technique proved very successful in generating loan applications, it strained the relationship between Union Benefit Life (UBL) and college Financial Aid Administrators, who were not used to lenders taking such a proactive approach to market loans.

Within a year of UBL's entry in the business, Financial Aid Administrators (FAAs) nationwide had begun a brutal campaign of criticism against the company, most notably on the FAA's listserv, which featured email after email charging UBL with misleading advertising and deceptive mail practices. UBL's CEO contacted Fabrizio Balestri to help.

It's important to note that UBL was not doing anything wrong�they were getting the word out about an important and highly viable loan product that benefited many families.

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