Getting a job part deux

Ok, let’s say it takes more than positive energy to get a new job. In my last post I discussed the importance of being positive when searching for a job. This time I want to get back to basics and combine this positive energy with a simple presentation about oneself. Most resumes and job applications use work history and experience to determine if you are the right person for the job. Most of us craft cover letters to personalize our experience to the job we are seeking.

I have another thought. Instead of a cover letter, why not tell the hiring company what you expect to accomplish your first 90 or 120 days. For example you can create a 4-slide presentation like the one below:
Slide 1: Who you are and what you want

  • About Me (background, experience)
  • Why Me (align their mission and vision with your own)
  • The Plan: What you will be offering, 30/60/90 day breakdown
  • What It’s Worth: Your compensation proposal

Slide 2: First 30 days

  • Familiarize and evaluate relevant aspects of the organization
  • Meet clients, partners and team that you will be working with
  • Localize list of all contacts and map established connections
  • Establish work environment/communication systems
  • Present findings and recommendations to management

Slide 3: 60 days

  • Templatize project management documents
  • Create and centralize proposal and presentation document templates
  • Review new process with team

Slide 4: 90 days

  • Transition clients to new project management workflow where applicable
  • Document areas of opportunity and review first 90 days with management
  • Propose efficiency improvements to cut cost
  • Streamline processes to enhance customer experience

Take the initiative and make yourself stand out. Present yourself!

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