Don’t lay off, restructure salaries

Every day I read about a company laying off employees because sales are lagging, profits are eroding and the company is losing money. The most commonly used option is to lay off employees. How many talented, well-trained people are laid off—particularly those who contribute to the leadership and sales excellence of the organization? Almost too many to count. If you own or run the company, you better know what it costs to train an employee and make them productive. It’s going to cost you... Continued

If you run a business, a change in the economy requires a change in strategy

I was having dinner recently at one of my favorite steak restaurants in Carlsbad, CA. It was easy to recognize the effects of our current economic recession, as it was only half full on a normally bustling evening. Just last summer, you couldn’t get a table in this place. I really wasn’t that hungry; so as my guests ordered from the excellent house specials, I asked for the filet mignon sliders that I have had on several occasions at the bar, but which are not included on the dining room... Continued

Getting a job part deux

Ok, let’s say it takes more than positive energy to get a new job. In my last post I discussed the importance of being positive when searching for a job. This time I want to get back to basics and combine this positive energy with a simple presentation about oneself. Most resumes and job applications use work history and experience to determine if you are the right person for the job. Most of us craft cover letters to personalize our experience to the job we are seeking. I have another... Continued

Energize yourself

I have been getting more and more calls from friends and colleagues who have found themselves out of work. It is a very difficult job market with few decent positions and a massive number of qualified and over-qualified applicants. The answer lies in what keeps you in a job while others are dropped. If you have a job, the best way to keep it is not always being the smartest or most gifted employee. What could keep you in your position is a positive attitude and positive energy. Giving off... Continued

Go Getters are Goal Setters

If you’ve compared any popular “Goals” books recently, you probably noticed some striking similarities between them – up to three hundred pages at a pop, with the general message of “Plan the Work, then Work the Plan,” while advising you to keep your goals manageable and motivating. Whether your day consists of building a backyard deck or building a company from the ground up, setting goals – and then working to achieve them – instantly improves your likelihood of... Continued

Don’t sell like you’re still part of the last century

It drives me absolutely crazy when I have to work with sales people that haven’t figured out that we are not in the 21st century. Hey, you think the information age was big a few years ago? Now technology changes every few months. Companies have to operate at lightning speed in order to keep up much less be successful. Employees live by their blackberries, crackberries, iphones and storms. They are multi-tasking like never before. Companies are required to do more with less, from the... Continued

Employees need to believe like you believe

Times are certainly more difficult now then they were a year ago. People just don’t have the same level of confidence in our country’s ability to quickly recover from the economic recession we’re experiencing. It probably holds true for your business as well. In order to be successful in this economy you will need to get more out of each employee and each employee will need more out of you, the employer. The ability to motivate others is a critical leadership skill. Any leader who... Continued

When you’re at an impasse, have a smoke

Our new American culture has ingrained in most of us that smoking is bad; if you smoke you can be labeled unfavorably. This is not the case in many cultures; and if you are doing business in Asia, the label may well apply to you, the non-smoker. When doing business in Asia, it is not uncommon to be offered a cigarette. I remember my first experiences, telling these well-intentioned potential business partners, “No, thank you. I don’t smoke.” Although I sensed they felt I was rejecting... Continued